Caitlin at Mt. Falcoln

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SAVE THE DATE ------- August 27th - 31st -- 2015

Caitlin Shay

Caitlin Shay

The Dudette
DATE: AUG 27th thru 31st, 2015 ----- LOCATION: MOAB, UTAH
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THANKS TO ALL OF THE RSVPS!!!! Looking Forward to the Gathering!


Andy+Caitlin:  The Adventure to Get Here

Our Story:

Two individual journeys joined into one adventure during the winter of 2009. Since Andy+Caitlin became one they have dedicated themselves to experience the world through travel, friends, fun and adventure.

Our Adventures:

75 Nights of Camping. 32 days spent Internationally. 35 planes.125 Days of Skiing. 30,000 Miles Roadtripping. 65,000 photos Taken.

Our Wedding:

A gathering of Friends+Family for a multiday event to celebrate the marriage of Andy+Caitlin. Located in the towering mountains outside Moab, Utah, we will be surrounded by expansive vistas, mountain streams, and iconic Moab scenery.

Our Next Adventure: HoneyMoon on Safari in Botswana

HoneyMoon in Africa:

It has been the dream of both Andy+Caitlin to visit Africa for most of their lives. On Safari we hope to visit some of the most amazing wild environments left on earth!


Please contribute to our Honey Moon through the website Your gifts will help us experience the unique country of Botswana and surrounding countries on adventures we could not afford without your support!